7 essential accessories for any dinosaur-themed toddler bedroom

Who doesn’t love a bit of home DIY? And what better project could there be than picking out all the super cool, fun items for your little one’s room – especially if your child is an avid dinosaur fan.

But with kid’s bedrooms, there’s plenty to think about – from storage and bedding to other comfort items, like rugs and lamps – when you start decorating, you’ll soon discover that there’s a fair bit to think about and consider.

That’s the point of our article. Giving you a list of items that we feel are must-have accessories for any well-design, dinosaur-themed toddler bedroom. Hopefully, by providing you with a list that acts as a shortcut, the decorating process will be a little bit easier.

7 essential accessories for your toddler’s bedroom

Right, so with the introduction out of the way – let’s jump right into why we’re here – our picks of the most essential, must-have accessories for your little one’s dinosaur-themed room.

1. Plenty of low-level, accessible storage to keep all their toys

There’s not much worse than a messy kid’s bedroom, with toys scattered all over the floor. This is especially true when it comes to dinosaur toys – as there are plenty of smaller, plastic dinosaur figures which you’ll undoubtedly regret accidentally stepping on.

As well as preventing trips and other hazards, it’s also good practice getting your child into a routine of tidying up after themselves, as this will help them become more independent and better develop organizational skills later on in life.

This makes toy storage an essential aspect of any bedroom – so be sure to plan ahead and pick up plenty of dino toy boxes to keep everything neat and tidy when your little one isn’t playing. You don’t need to overcomplicate it, simply pick up a few different boxes and keep them at a low-level, so your toddler can get to their toys as and when they feel the urge to play.

2. An activity table for them to draw, make, and create on

Kids love to draw, color in, and generally being creative – this makes a low-level, kid’s activity table an absolute must for any kid’s bedroom.

There are plenty of great options – many of which are made from durable, robust materials like plastic, with built-in seating. These offer an all-in-one solution for them to sit and get down to work, to their heart’s content.

If you’re working with a small room, you’ll want to look out for options that feature built-in storage. This will prove to be an absolute godsend when it comes to saving on space, giving you somewhere to store all their coloring pencils, crayons, dinosaur coloring books, and other items essential to creative play.

3. Plenty of book storage, low enough for your little one to access with ease

While we all know that toddlers are unlikely to be reading yet, they all love books! Whether it’s learning new words, or practicing ones they already know, or even just a good old fashion bedtime story. You’re going to want plenty of books on hand to satisfy their need for books and nourish and foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Like their toys and art supplies, you want to store your little one’s dinosaur books at a height where they’re easily accessible so that they can come and take them as they please. This means that the usual bookcases you might place in other rooms throughout your home or storing books on top of a dresser out of reach isn’t going to be suitable.

If you’ve got a ton of books, and low-level storage isn’t practical given the floor space you’re working with, it’s a good idea to store only a limited selection in your child’s room, keeping the bulk of their book collection elsewhere. You’ll want to rotate the selection from time to time, ensuring that they have plenty of choices available.

4. Lamps, night lights, and other lighting to keep things cozy at night

Lamps are great; they make any space cozier when the sun goes down, and there isn’t enough natural light for activities like reading. They also look awesome – especially if your theme is dinosaurs – as there are all sorts of great options, from dino skull lamps to dinosaur-shaped neon signs – all of which look great wherever they’re placed.

Overhead room lighting can often be too much and is definitely not when you want as you read a story to your little one while putting them to bed. This makes a good dinosaur lamp an absolute must for any dino-themed kid’s bedroom.

You’ll also want to think about other lighting options – especially at this age, while your little one is going through potty training. Things like dinosaur night lights are definitely worth considering, giving your child a means of navigating the darkness without disturbing everyone else in the house when they need to visit the bathroom or potty. 

5. Plenty of extra blankets and bedding for cold nights

At this age, toddlers aren’t yet able to properly regulate their own body heat as older kids and adults can. This means that more often than not, you’ll find them sleeping without the covers on – which, if the temperature turns on a cold night, can be a problem.

This makes it essential to keep a stash of dinosaur throw blankets, dinosaur bedding, and other linen items on hand and accessible. This is so that your little one can quickly grab one if they need it when they’re feeling cold – without needing to wake up mommy and daddy.

Blankets are also good generally. They’re great for snuggling up while reading a story, watching a movie – or even for building forts and other fun activities you and your little one can enjoy together. So, definitely make sure to invest in plenty of them, as you can never go wrong with having too many blankets around the home.

6. Invest in a soft, quality dinosaur play rug to maximize comfort and playtime

Whether you have hardwood floors or more traditional carpet, a well-made dinosaur play rug makes a great addition to any toddler’s room, instantly turning it from a place to sleep to a place to play.  

Rugs can also add a lot to the overall look and feel of a kid’s bedroom, going a long way to enhance and compliment the room’s overall theme. In short, it’s probably the easiest way to turn an ordinary room into a dino-riffic one.

If you haven’t got the budget to invest in a rug, there are cheaper options that can serve the same purpose – namely, a good dinosaur play mat which, while it won’t offer anywhere near the comfort of a rug, can certainly punch above its weight when it comes to play.

7. Nothing makes a dino-themed room more than an amazing set of dinosaur curtains

With the exception of a dinosaur play mat or rug, there isn’t much else that is going to add as much to the theme of your little one’s room than a set of curtains. Thankfully, there are no shortage of options – with there being dinosaur curtains in all sorts of styles, from cartoonish curtains with fun, cute illustrations to hyper-realistic Jurassic themes.

And it’s not just style that curtains are useful for; they can also be incredibly functional. A good set of blackout dinosaur curtains being perfect for sleepy Sunday mornings, keeping the sun out while the whole family enjoys a few extra hours in bed.

Even a few options are part of a full bedroom set – with matching bedding, rugs, storage boxes, and all sorts of other essential bedroom items, perfectly matching to make a great, coordinated bedroom.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it – our picks of the best, must-have essentials for any dinosaur-themed toddler’s bedroom.

We’ve tried to make this list as practical as possible, focusing on accessories that add features and functionality to a room – not useless items that provide no real value.

Things like lighting, comfort, storage, and functional decor, like blackout curtains are all great picks – and thankfully, for anyone with a little dino fan on their hands, there are plenty of awesome dinosaur options for all of these.

We hope that you liked our article and that you found it useful on some level. Good luck with your decorating!

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