6 products to turn any dull bathroom into a dino-riffic space

Bathrooms, we’ve all got one – and we all spend plenty of time visiting them. In fact, on average, we spend an hour and 42 minutes in there per week – almost 92 days throughout our lifetimes.

While we spent plenty of time, either soaking in the bath or sitting on the can – let’s face it, most of our bathrooms are boring. Most bathrooms are sterile, all-white spaces, lacking the sort of decoration, interesting nik-naks and collectibles, scattered around our homes in pretty much everything other room. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little creativity and a handful of additions, it’s easy to turn any dull bathroom into an incredible themed space – an awesome dino bathroom in our case.  

So, let’s jump right into it – here are our six types of products that can turn any boring old bathroom into a dino-riffic, prehistoric wonderland for the whole family to enjoy. 

6 products to make your bathroom dino-riffic

1. Invest in some dinosaur toys for the bath

If you’re a parent – and for some reason you haven’t already – pick up some dinosaur bath toys for your little one, giving them something to play with while they’re in the bath.

There are a wide range of options to choose from – squirters, bathtub dinosaur stickers, or even dinosaur bath bombs – and you might not even have to fork out for anything new, as most plastic dinosaur toys and figures should be suitable for use in the bath.

Toys are especially useful for anyone with a child on their hands who is reluctant to bathe and difficult at bath time, as they’ll learn to love playing with all their little dino friends in the tub.

2. Make a dull bathroom interesting with a dino shower curtain

Whether you’re looking for something cute or for something to terrify your guests – there’s a dinosaur shower curtain out there for you!

Even if you’re not that keen on dinosaurs, let’s face it – most bathrooms are painfully dull and boring – what better way to change than then with a ferocious dinosaur curtain?

If you live with younger children – and despite how awesome it is – we’d advise against getting a scary Velociraptor silhouette shower curtain. Stick to something cute, with cartoon dinos or bright, vibrant patterns.

3. Pick up a dinosaur rug or bathmat, making getting in and out of the tub more comfortable

Another great addition to a dino-themed bathroom is a dinosaur rug or bathmat. Almost as good as a nice hot bath, stepping out onto a warm, comfortable rug is a part of the bathroom experience that everyone should invest in.

Like shower curtains, there are heaps to choose from – with cute, cartoon dinosaur styles for younger kids and ferocious, hyper-realistic ones for teens and older kids. They’re also pretty inexpensive and are an excellent choice for renters, who won’t have as much freedom as homeowners when customizing and decorating their bathroom space.

Any rug or mat you choose must obviously be water-resistant and have a non-slip backing, ensuring that it will both last and provide maximum safety when getting in and out of the bathtub.

4. Make every bathroom visit fun, with a dino-shaped soap dispenser

As parents, when we think of the bathroom, we think of bath time – but let’s face it – your little one is going to be in and out of there all day long, using the toilet and washing their hands. This is where a dinosaur soap dispenser can come in handy – turning every hand-wash into a mini dinosaur adventure.

The great thing about these is that most of them are plastic – meaning, they can quite easily double up as a cool dinosaur bath toy – making them multi-purpose for anyone with kids. That said, this obviously only applies to manual pump dispensers – whatever you do, don’t put an electric one in the tub!

If you prefer traditional soap over liquid soap, you could always make your own dino-shaped bars of soap. It’s surprisingly easy to do – all you need is a soap base block and a dinosaur silicone mold. Simply melt down the block on the stovetop, adding fragrance and coloring, before pouring into the mold and leaving to set – it’s that easy.

5. Dinosaur toothbrushes are just as good for decoration, as they are for stubborn brushers

While some kids are challenging to get in the tub, far more are reluctant to brush their teeth – something that can be quite challenging to parents, especially any who have toddlers, who can be difficult at the best of times, let alone at brushing time.

An easy way to counter this and add to your bathroom’s overall dino-theme is to invest in a kid’s dinosaur toothbrush. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options – including both fully-electric and manual brushes, many of which come in sizes designed especially for young children’s smaller mouths.

And as a toothbrush is going to be a permanent fixture of your bathroom sink. This means that one sporting a dinosaur theme can be a great addition to the room’s overall look and feel, acting as much as an essential oral hygiene tool as part of your bathroom decor.  

6. To really kick the dino-theme up a notch, consider adding vinyl wall decals

Usually limited to kid’s bedrooms, a dinosaur wall decal can really up the dinosaur theme of your bathroom. Better yet, provided you opt for a vinyl one, they’re 100% waterproof, making them a great way to add more dino decoration to your bathroom space.

While this might not be for everyone – if you’re really committed to the theme, there’s no better way to show it than going nuts with decals. There is a great range – want a hyper-realistic dinosaur breaking through the wall? A virtual window into a prehistoric world, visible from the comfort of your bathtub? Or a few cute, colorful dino cartoons to keep your little ones amused at bathtime? Whatever your preference, there is a dinosaur wall decal out there for you.

These things are easy to install – and in most cases – easy to remove, so even if you rent, they can be an excellent addition, as you’ll be able to remove them if and when you move without much effort. You can also get quite creative, as you don’t have to settle for whole-wall decals – why not get a selection of smaller decals, mixing and matching these throughout your bathroom?

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it, our post on products that can help turn any bathroom into a dino-riffic, prehistoric masterpiece – making bath times and toilet visits more entertaining for you, your family, and your house guests.

Customizing your bathroom – or any other space in the home – doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require massive overhaul and remodeling. With just a few additions, you can claim any room, making it your own by stamping it with your own interests and personality.  

If you rent rather than own – meaning you’re limited in what you can do with your space – utilizing products in this way can be an especially great option. This approach can help turn the usual dull, all-white decoration, into something more unique and visually appealing, without putting your deposit at risk.

We hope you liked our post, and that it’s been useful in giving you some ideas on how to customize your own bathroom. Happy decorating!

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