5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Comfortable at Home

As an adult, you may look back at your childhood and ponder about how cool various aspects were when you were little. Maybe you loved Saturday mornings because you were able to get up and watch cartoons all morning long.

Perhaps you had a special tradition on Sundays of laying in bed with your parents before getting up. Whatever things you remember about your childhood, there is likely to be a favorite article of bedding or clothing that you had when you were younger.

Do you know why you liked them? While you may have loved the character that was on them, or liked it because it was your favorite color, chances are, you remembered the item because it was comfortable to you. And now as a parent yourself, you want your child to look back in 20 years and feel the same way.

Here are five ways you can keep your toddler comfortable at home so they can remember how good it felt to be growing up in your home.

Five Items That Provide Comfort to a Toddler

Children most certainly will not remember every piece of clothing they have worn. But if your child is made comfortable in different items, there is a likelihood that they will remember the warm and fuzzy feeling they felt when they were wearing a particular item or using it as a means of comfort. Here are five items that we feel provide extensive comfort to your toddler.

Bedding sets

There are a great deal of bedding sets on the market today. However, all are not created equally. There are some factors that you will want to take into consideration when purchasing bedding sets for your child in order to keep them comfortable at home. These things include:

Will the bedding set be used for a boy or a girl?

While for some children it will not matter if the sheets were intended for a boy or a girl, for others it will. Some little boys would be bothered by sleeping with Barbie sheets.

And if they are bothered by it, they will not be comfortable. Instead, consider characters or colors that are popular with your child. You may even present them with a few choices for them to pick from! Ideas for little boys are cars, PJ Mask, dinosaur toddler bedding, and Paw Patrol. Little girls may like mermaids, unicorns, or the Disney Princesses.

The thread count can say a lot when it comes to comfort. The higher the thread count, the softer the bedding set will be. This is important when trying to keep a toddler comfortable at home. Just because your little is only 2 or 3 does not mean that you should cheap out on what you buy them.

What sort of blanket will make your child most comfortable? Will they prefer one that is semi-soft or would they feel more comfortable with a super plush blanket? Would a character on the blanket make them even more comfortable then a solid colored blanket? All children are different and only you know what will make your toddler the most comfortable at home.


Slippers are perfect for anyone of any age. They can assist in keeping the feet warm and comfortable at any time of the year. Slippers are an excellent means of protection for a toddler’s foot. Many slippers have harder bottoms on them so they can keep your child’s sole of the foot better protected when they are walking.

One way that slippers are able to keep your toddler comfortable is that by wearing slippers, your child can reduce their chances of catching a cold.

Another excellent reason to consider slippers for keeping your child comfortable at home is that slippers can help to prevent athlete’s foot.

There are some things that you may wish to consider before purchasing your toddler slippers when it comes to comfort. These include:

  • Will your child be happy with a pair of regular slippers? Or do you feel they would be more comfortable in a pair of character slippers, such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, unicorns, or if you’re child is anything like mine, dinosaur slippers for toddlers?
  • If you purchase the wrong pair of slippers for your toddler, they will not be comfortable on them. This will hinder how they walk and play. The slippers should be the correct size and feel good on their feet.


Pajamas are perfect for keeping your toddler comfortable at home because they keep a child warm at night. It is essential to pick the right pair of pajamas for your little as if they are too cold, they will not sleep and if they are too warm, they will be more prone to nightmares

To make sure that your child is comfortable in their pajamas, make sure that the material is not hard or scratchy. Look for ones that are soft to the touch. When you touch the skin after a child has worn a pair of pajamas, it should feel comfortable and cool without sweating.

In order to keep your child comfortable, be sure that if the pajamas have zippers that you take caution with them when you zip them up. Also note that if a child knows who to unzip their pajajams, and they get their skin caught, it will not be a comfortable experience for them.

Once again, take into consideration the following things:

  • Will your child feel more comfortable with a character on their pajamas? Perhaps they would sleep better knowing they were wearing pjs with the Incredible Hulk, Owlette or Arlo from Disney’s The Good Dinosaur toddler pajamas while tucked up at night.
  • Will a toddler be comfortable in a zippered up pair of pajamas? Or does it make more sense to have them wear a 2 piece set?

Bath robes

Bath robes are an excellent way to keep your toddler comfortable at home. After a relaxing bath, a robe can provide warmth, especially in the winter. Some things that you may wish to take into consideration when purchasing a toddler dinosaur bath robe for your little one are:

  • What material you purchase for your bath robe will make a huge difference. Terry cloth and velour may be amazing choices for toddlers to be comfortable in.
  • Bath robes can be purchased with or without hoods. A hooded bath robe will allow your child to be warmer on cold winter nights.
  • Bath robes will keep your child cozy on cold mornings as well.


Onesies are a great addition to your toddler’s wardrobe in order to keep him or her comfortable. A onesie is a simple way to keep your child warmer in the winter.

Besides the obvious benefits, seeing your toddler roam around the house as a in their cute toddler dinosaur onesie is just as fun for them as it is for us grown-ups.

Onesies can be worn alone, or they can be worn underneath clothing. Some parents will pair up a onesie with a pair of shorts or a skirt for their toddler’s outfit.

With a wide variety of onesie material, it can be freshening to know that a child can be comfortable in terry cloth, fleece, cotton, or other kinds of materials.

Cotton or a cotton blend will provide a toddler with a comfortable experience.

Final Words

A toddler can be comfortable at home when they have the right means. By finding bedding sets, slippers, pajamas, bath robes, and onesies for your child, you are taking a step to helping them be as comfortable as they can be.

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