Big dinosaur toys: The 7 best of 2021

Big dinosaur toys: The 7 best of 2021Big dinosaur toys: The 7 best of 2021

One of the main reasons why kids love dinos is because they feel in awe when seeing such a big creature in front of them. The massive size of a dino tends to impress them. And after all, the bigger a dino is, the more the child is going to love cuddling into it. This makes big dinosaur toys are great choice!

If your little one loves dinos you may be trying to find his favorite dino and buy one in a really big size. There is no denying that your kid will be amazed upon seeing a huge dino next to his bed!

So we decided to list some of the most popular big dino toys currently available on the market. Plush dino toys tend to be bigger than large dino figurines. Check them out!

Best big dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex
1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex
2. Prextex 24″ Giant Plush Cuddly T-Rex
2. Prextex 24″ Giant Plush Cuddly T-Rex
3. Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Plush
3. Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Plush
4. AIXINI Stuffed 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush Toy
4. AIXINI Stuffed 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush Toy
5. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex
5. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex
6. Wild Republic Dinosaurs 28″ T-Rex Plush
6. Wild Republic Dinosaurs 28″ T-Rex Plush
7. Jesonn Realistic 31.5″ Plush Toy Dinosaur
7. Jesonn Realistic 31.5″ Plush Toy Dinosaur

1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex – Best for Disney fans

Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush RexToy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex

Our first pick is the Ginormous Plus Rex, from the popular Toy Story film franchise. The sight of this toy will drive any child wild, with its huge, imposing size being sure to impress and wow any kid looking up at it. Part of a set – the other, purchased separately, features another favorite character from the movie, Buzz Lightyear. In short, if you’re looking for a gift that your little one will immediately fall in love with, this Disney dinosaur toy is a pretty good choice.

When we say it’s huge, we mean it’s huge! Standing at 40” tall, this enormous plush toy is going to be the stand-out toy from any young child’s collection and will undoubtedly steal the show at birthdays and Christmas when they unwrap it. This officially licensed Disney toy is as good for playtime as it is naps and bedtime. Your little one is going to love this oversized, cute plush toy from the Toy Story movies.

This loveable, cute giant dinosaur plush, with its trademark toothy grin, is a must for any young film fans. Surprisingly, it’s also not that expensive – priced at just $50. Which is a lot of toy for the money, given its massive size. Not only that, but it also comes highly-rated, with 562+ customer reviews giving this toy an impressive 5-star average review. Overall, this toy is a must-have and worth buying.

Buy it: From $40,

2. Prextex 24″ Giant Plush Cuddly T-Rex

Prextex 24″ Giant Plush Cuddly T-RexPrextex 24″ Giant Plush Cuddly T-Rex

Next up, we’ve got this giant plush cuddle T-rex toy from Prextex – a toy brand we’ve covered extensively on our site. We’ve featured their products in many of our other lists, including everything from dinosaur egg toys and plush dinosaur toys, to RC dinosaurs and others. While not as large as the last entry on our list, it’s still impressive enough, standing at 24″ tall – or 2ft – and will no doubt make a lasting impression with whoever you decide to give it to.

Made from high-quality fabric and capable of standing upright on its own, this 100% kid-safe jumbo T-Rex will make an excellent addition to any little dino lover’s toy collection. Perfect to play with, or just as good for snuggling. This hand-made, impressive T-Rex will provide your little one with hours upon hours of fun.

For the money, it’s not bad – retailing at just $50. It’s also well-rated, having an impressive 5-star average rating from some 290+ verified customer ratings. High-quality, machine washable, and realistic-looking – this giant dinosaur plush is worth considering.

Buy it: From $50,

3. Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Plush – Best for Jurassic World fans

Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” PlushJurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Plush

A must-have for junior fans of the famous Jurassic World movie franchise, and the next entry in our list, is this officially licensed ginormous Velociraptor “Blue” Plush. This plush toy is huge – standing at 3 feet tall and 4 feet long – your little Jurassic World fan will immediately love this impressive, well-made giant plush of everyone’s favorite Velociraptor.

Whether reliving their favorite scenes from the movie or merely other play or nap times, this toy makes for a good choice, being perfect as a gift for the dinosaur-obsessed tot in your life. Featuring realistic eye detail, sculpted claws, and Blue’s trademark streak on its body – this kid-sized, cuddly raptor is excellent. It’s well-made, 100% kid-safe, and made from super soft, plush material, making it not only great to snuggle with but be also durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of play.

This toy – like the previous two entries so far on our list – retails for $50, so it’s pretty affordable and offers a lot for the money, given its quality and imposing size. It’s also a popular, highly-rated product, scoring an average rating of 5-stars from over 257 verified customer reviews – so you can be sure that it’s a good toy and a pick worth considering as a gift for your little one.

Buy it: From $50,

4. AIXINI Stuffed 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush Toy

AIXINI Stuffed 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush ToyAIXINI Stuffed 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush Toy

Next up is a pick that we’d consider to be best for those on a budget, being the first toy on this list to retail for under $40. That toy is the stuff 31.5” dinosaur plush toy from AIXINI, which features a realistic, albeit cute and fun style that makes it the perfect gift for any budding young paleontologist.

Made from high-quality, short plush and filled with soft, PP cotton padding – this non-toxic, 100% kid-safe giant plush toy is super soft and comfortable, making it great for both playtime and bedtime. This cute, realistic green-colored dinosaur makes the perfect addition to a child’s room, working to compliment all the other dinosaur lamps, dinosaur curtains, and other dinosaur-themed room decors you’ve already invested in.

Overall, and with a price tag of just $38, there is a lot of value here. This toy is massive – standing at over 2 ½ feet tall – and benefits from high-quality materials, stitching, and comfortable, skin-friendly fabric. All-in-all, if you’re looking to impress with an oversized dinosaur plush on a budget, this product from AIXINI is it.

Buy it: From $38,

5. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex

Melissa & Doug Giant T-RexMelissa & Doug Giant T-Rex

Our next pick is the Giant T-Rex plush from Melissa & Doug – a brand known for its high-quality products, with a range of dinosaur products specifically for younger children and baby dinosaur toys. This reputable toy maker offers everything from dinosaur ink stamps to dinosaur hand puppets, many of which we’ve included in our other buying guides. This gorgeous, multi-colored dinosaur is massive, standing at 51” inches – that’s over 4 feet tall – and is sure to make a lasting impression on whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Recommended for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, this dinosaur mega plush features a sturdy, wireframe construction, with a long tail and broad feet, allowing it to stand tall and upright on its own. Soft to touch, it’s great not only for playtime but also for cuddling up during naps or as room decor, being an impressive final touch to any dino-themed bedroom or nursery. If it’s a little too big for you – there’s a smaller, 26” version that you might want to consider.

This product is pretty expensive, being by far the most expensive on this list. The reason for this is that it’s out of production, being offered on Amazon exclusively by third-party sellers. That said, while it will cost you a pretty penny, it’s hands down the largest big dino on our list of picks, which might make it a must-have item for some. Well-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from over 135 customer reviews, this giant T-Rex from Melissa & Doug is an excellent choice if you have the budget.

Buy it: From $138,

6. Wild Republic Dinosaurs 28″ T-Rex Plush

Wild Republic Dinosaurs 28″ T-Rex PlushWild Republic Dinosaurs 28″ T-Rex Plush

Another great choice, this 28″ T-Rex dinosaur plush toy from Wild Republic is cute, loveable, and looks great. It’s also from a reputable maker of kid’s toys, with Wild Republic being in the business of making stuffed days since 1979. The brand also makes all sorts of other plush dinos, including all the more famous dinosaurs, like Stegosaurus and Triceratops, making a great choice if you’re looking to pick up an entire set for your little one. This T-Rex plush will no doubt impress when it’s unwrapped on birthdays or at Christmas, with its size being sure to steal the show.

Like all those from Wild Republic, this toy is made from high-quality, plush materials that are soft to the touch and beautifully finished, making them mesmerizing to look at. It’s also surface washable – making for quicker clean-up as and when spills occur during playtime, without needing to throw it in the wash. Your little one will love this product. Not only is it great for play, helping them to live out all the dino-themed adventures their imagination can dream up, but it’s also great for bed and nap time, being soft enough to snuggle up to.

All-in-all, for the money, this toy isn’t bad. While it’s not on the same scale as some of the other, more giant dinosaur toys on this list, it is in the lower half of our picks when it comes to price, offering an affordable large dino plush option. It also benefits from having a pretty good rating, with an average of 5-stars from over 95 verified customer ratings.

Buy it: From $35,

7. Jesonn Realistic 31.5″ Plush Toy Dinosaur

Jesonn Realistic 31.5″ Plush Toy DinosaurJesonn Realistic 31.5″ Plush Toy Dinosaur

Last but not least is this realistic, giant plush dinosaur toy from Jesonn. This plush takes the form of a giant, plant-eating, long-necked dinosaur and measures an impressive 31.5” from head to tail. Very different from the rest of our list – almost all of which are giant T-Rex plush toys. This one makes a lovely, unique addition to a dinosaur-obsessed loved one’s growing collection of dinosaur toys.

Made from plush, polyester, and cotton – this green, realistic-looking giant dinosaur plush is excellent. Hand-made, machine washable, and independently certified as being ASTM compliant. This product is 100% kid-safe, non-toxic, and free from potentially harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for a different option to the usual oversized T-Rex toys, then this is undoubtedly it. This well-made, beautiful giant long-neck dino plush makes a great gift for the little dinosaur enthusiast in your life. It’s also a bargain, priced at just $20 – and comes well-rated, with an average of 4.5-stars from 60+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $20,

Buying guide for big dinosaur toys


While we are focusing on big dino toys, it’s all about the size. It’s a good idea to start off thinking about where you’ll store the dinosaur when it’s not being played with.

While you may wish to give your kid the biggest dino ever, be cautious not to overdo it. You can’t invest in a gigantic dino toy which will take over the bedroom, preventing doors or windows from opening! So try to be a bit realistic.

Keep in mind that very large toys aren’t suitable for small children. Their size can be dangerous, making them a no-no if you’re looking specifically for a dinosaur baby toy.


There is no doubt that your kid will be hugging his big dino toy a lot. So you need to place importance on the material it is made from. Your kid will surely love a plush toy made from a soft material. The more huggable and cuddly it is the more lovable it is bound to be!

Also, you may wish to be aware of the safety of the material. Some stuffed toys could contain dyes which might irritate child’s sensitivities. Be careful to check the material the toy is made from, especially if your little one has allergies.

This also applies to dino figures which are generally made from plastic. Make sure that the paint will not peel easily as it could be swallowed by the child.

Realistic look

There is no denying that some dino toys are made to look really realistic, while others are slightly less so. Obviously you shall be placing importance on this factor, especially if your child is not that young. Your kid will expect his favorite dino toy to look practically like a real live dino.

The color of the toy you choose will play a determining factor on how much your child will like it. While colorful toys are appealing, if you’re looking for realism, it’s best to avoid toys that are too colorful.

When it comes to how realistic the dino toy looks you might wish to compare plush toys with figures. This is because the latter tend to be a bit more realistic, and older kids might prefer this. On the other hand, a younger child will probably prefer a large soft dino toy. So make sure to check different dino toys so as to choose one that will satisfy your child’s preferences as much as possible, while looking as realistic as possible.

Cleaning considerations

Over time you need to wash soft toys. This is to remove dust and other dirt that will have gotten into the material.

Bear in mind that since this is a really big toy you obviously cannot wash it with your washing machine. So, you will need to ensure that the dino toy you choose can be sponge washed safely.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing big dinosaur toys, you’ll find different plenty to choose from, including both big plush toys and figures. It’s important to check different types so as to pick one that will most likely be loved by your son. A young kid will want a large, soft toy, while an older one will likely prefer a figure.

Ultimately, the main reason why you are buying a large dino toy is to inspire awe. There’s no doubt that a large, impressive dinosaur is going to be the best dinosaur toy they receive. If your kid really loves dinos, then he surely already has several kinds of dino toys.

Just remember that when looking for large dino toys your main focus should be it’s size. That is what will make it so special to him.

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