Animal Planet dinosaur toys: The 3 best of 2021

Animal Planet Giant T-Rex Playset

Animal Planet is well known for its enticing programs and features about animals. Many parents like to have their kids watch this channel as it is a very informative and educational one. To complement this, why not check out some Animal Planet dinosaur toys? There is a nice range to choose from, and one of the most popular ranges are the Animal Planet dinosaur toys.

From dinosaur toy playsets to dino figures, playmats and much more – check them all out so as to make a good choice for your little one. However, also bear in mind the following buying tips which we would like to share with you so as to help you make a well informed buying decision.

Best Animal Planet dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Animal Planet Giant T-Rex Playset
1. Animal Planet Giant T-Rex Playset
2. Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur T-Rex
2. Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur T-Rex
3. Animal Planet Dino Discovery Play Set
3. Animal Planet Dino Discovery Play Set

1. Animal Planet Giant T-Rex Playset

Animal Planet Giant T-Rex Playset

First up on our list of picks is this giant T-Rex playset from Animal Planet, recommended for children aged three years and up. The set is huge – it includes a giant T-Rex, tree house with vines, airplane, ladder and gate, two figures, three smaller dinosaurs, fossils, and a range of other accessories – everything your little one will need to bring their imagination to life.

The main feature is its T-Rex, which is over 12” tall and 16” long, with realistic details, fully-functional joints, and has interactivity in the way of sounds and lights at the press of a button located on its head. All-in-all, this set has a total of 23 pieces, offering your child hours of engaging playtime fun.

If you’re looking for a dinosaur playset from Animal Planet, this is it. It’s huge, packed full of accessories, at retails at just $115 – there’s a lot in the way of value here. This dinosaur toy is also highly rated, with 49+ verified customer reviews giving it an average star rating of 4.5.

Buy it: From $65,

2. Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur T-Rex

Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur T-Rex

Next up is this interactive, animotion toy from Animal Planet – the “Wild Eyes” Dinosaur. This T-Rex toy offers a range of interactivity, making for engaging, interactive play that your little one will love. Recommended for children ages three years and up, this toy will no doubt excite and capture the imagination.

This interactive dinosaur toy stands 9” tall and comes to life with the press of its claw, moving its head in a life-like motion, and lighting up it’s “wild eyes”. It’s also packed full of unique audio, including environmental background noises, which run until stopped with another press of its claw. There are hours of play to be had here, with this toy genuinely capturing the imagination of young dinosaur fans.

Given what it has to offer, this toy is surprisingly well-priced, costing just $40 – which is pretty good, given similar alternatives on the market, such as FurReal dinosaur pets, which tend to have a higher price tag. It also comes well-rated, with an average of 4.5-stars on Amazon. Overall, this interactive toy is pretty good for the money and one well worth considering.

Buy it: From $40,

3. Animal Planet Dino Discovery Play Set

Animal Planet Dino Discovery Play Set

Next up is the Dino Discovery playset from Animal Planet, which is a perfect way to introduce your young child to dinosaurs. The set features soft, chunky shaped dinosaurs with bright, colorful, and friendly faces, designed to appeal to young learners.

You’ll find all your favorite dinosaurs here, with the 5-piece set including Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. The collection is recommended for children ages three years and up.

Overall, while this set may be a little pricey, retailing for around $50, it does make for a beneficial educational aid, providing one of the simplest ways to introduce the concept of dinosaurs to your little one. The set also benefits from a high rating, with an average of 4.5 stars from 12+ verified customer ratings.

Buy it: From $50,

Buying guide for Animal Planet dinosaur toys

Age considerations

The starting point for your shopping should always be to check the age recommendation on the toys you are interested in buying. You need to check this out so as to choose a toy that is suitable for your child, both with regards to its safety as well as appropriateness.

A childish toy will bore your child or not even interest him in the least. On the other hand, if your child is still young, they might not appreciate the toys value. In this case, you’ll be better off opting for baby dinosaur toys, which are more age-appropriate.

Type of toy

One of the most enticing things about dinosaur toys is that since there are so many different dinos, your child will probably enjoy collecting different figures. Placing them on a dinosaur play mat or terrain is very entertaining for kids. In many cases playsets include accessories such as trees, mountains and volcanoes to make the terrain even more realistic.

Some figures can also be built by the child himself. Obviously you will need to be careful that this is not too difficult for your child. You will also wish to consider whether you prefer action figures or static ones. This also depends on how old the child is, and the type of play he prefers.

Safety considerations

Keep an eye on the materials and parts that the toys are made from, especially if your child is still very young. Safety is a key consideration whenever you look for toys.

Realistic designs and colors

Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes, and as you know there are so many different species that your child might be intrigued with. However you will need to make sure that the figures you choose are nicely designed.

They need to look realistic as otherwise your child might not be that happy with them. The colors used play a key role in this. So, do be careful and compare different dinosaur playsets to choose one that has well designed and realistic looking dinosaurs.

This is where Animal Planet toys excel. They’re far more realistic than alternatives, such as Playmobil dinosaur sets and Imaginext dinosaur toys. Overall, when it comes to realistic dino playsets, those from Animal Planet are some of the best around.


Take note of the materials the toys are made from. Some toys are safer than others, and more durable too. You should opt for the best in this regard as at the end of the day it is better to get good value for money in terms of durability and safety.


The price of the toy will be another determining factor. Since Animal Planet is an established brand, prices might be a bit higher than unbranded alternatives. Having said that you can expect high quality when paying a bit more.

Final thoughts

While you shop for Animal Planet dinosaur toys you will be able to notice that there is an interesting variety to choose from. Take your time to consider the materials, designs and type of play that the various toys can offer your kid.

You want him to have the time of his life pretending he is one of the explorers facing different dinos, while also learning about them. We hope that our buying guide was helpful, and that you find a great toy for your kid!

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