Netizens stunned as life-like dinosaur featured in Japanese weather report

Weather reports are typically dull, never exciting – however, it turns out that every now and then they can surprise you!

In one such report – from Hong Kong-based news agency NHK – viewers around the world were left confused, as a weather report about Japan opened with something that would be more at home in a movie, as what looked like a real-life dinosaur in the middle of a busy city.

You can watch the clip below, taken from NHK’s twitter:

As it turns out, the clip was totally normal – with the dinosaur in question being an animatronic installation outside of the Dinosaur Museum in Fukui, Japan – a museum that’s home to one of the largest collections of rare, hard-to-find dinosaur bones and skeletons.

Installed in 2017 and towering over 10m into the air, the dinosaur, which is located outside of Fukui Station, lowers and raises its head to entice visitors to the city to visit its museum.

Although local residents of Fukui are aware of and used to the dinosaur, it might be wise to forewarn the rest of us before featuring it in such a report, to avert any wide-spread, Godzilla-related panic in the future.

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