Toddler dinosaur backpacks: The 7 best of 2020

Best toddler dinosaur backpacks

While your little dinosaur addict may not be lugging heavy textbooks, toddler dinosaur backpacks remain a must-have accessory. It gives them somewhere to store all the artwork, snacks, dinosaur toys, and other essentials they’ll need to get through their day at nursery or preschool.

Sure, the look of a backpack looks is super important – we want them to impress all their new little friends with their new pack too! While it’s easy to be swayed by the first cute dinosaur backpack that catches your eye, it’s just as important to consider durability and quality. The reason for this is that you’ll want to take the load off your little one’s back, neck, and shoulders as much as possible.

Luckily, there are loads of excellent toddler dinosaur backpacks that even the hardest to impress toddlers will love. We’ve rounded up our picks of the best of the best mini packs in the list below, so if you’re ready to pick out the perfect backpack for your toddler, let’s jump right in.

Best toddler dinosaur backpacks: Our picks

1. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Dinosaur
1. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Dinosaur
2. VASCHY Preschool Dinosaur Backpack
2. VASCHY Preschool Dinosaur Backpack
3. YISIBO 3D Toddler Dinosaur Backpack
3. YISIBO 3D Toddler Dinosaur Backpack
4. YuPing Toddler Dinosaur Backback with Safety Leash
4. YuPing Toddler Dinosaur Backback with Safety Leash
5. YISIBO 3D Cartoon Toddler Dinosaur Backpack
5. YISIBO 3D Cartoon Toddler Dinosaur Backpack
6. Wildkin Dinosaur Land Toddler Backpack
6. Wildkin Dinosaur Land Toddler Backpack
7. CAMTOP Preschool Dinosaur Backpack
7. CAMTOP Preschool Dinosaur Backpack

1. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Dinosaur

Skip Hop zoo pack dinosaur

Skip Hop Zoo’s backpacks are an excellent choice for your toddler’s first backpack. Durable, easy to clean, very light, and above all fun, your little one will love Skip Hop bags with their cute animal designs. You’ve probably noticed these backpacks everywhere, and for a good reason, as they’re very reasonably priced and well-made.

Another great thing with Skip Hop is the range of animals to choose from – our favorite being their dinosaur toddler backpack, of course – and the number of matching accessories available. These accessories include everything from lunch bags, plates and sippy cups, to umbrellas and roller bags, which help to complete the look.

This pack is on the small side, as you’d expect with a toddler backpack, but its roomy enough to hold a couple of little books and a sippy cup in its side pocket. The only real drawback of this pack is its size. It likely isn’t going to big enough to hold the pencil case, homework folder, and other items they’ll need when they start preschool.

Overall, this dinosaur toddler backpack from Skip Hop offers a lot – its high-quality, inexpensive, and any dinosaur obsessed toddler will love it. These factors make this bag a bargain that is difficult to pass on.

Buy it: From $20,

2. VASCHY Preschool Dinosaur Backpack

VASCHY preschool dinosaur backpack

This dinosaur backpack from VASCHY is easy to open – making it ideal for easily frustrated toddlers. It also features close zipper tags, a main zippered compartment, and a pair of side pockets. These pockets add additional storage for a water bottle, mini umbrella, or whatever else your child is likely to need on hand.

It’s also lightweight and made from durable, water-resistant polyester. It boasts a large capacity – with the main compartment being large enough to fit an A4-sized tablet and all the supplies snacks and drinks they’ll need to get them through their day at preschool or daycare.

Overall, and despite being on the pricier side of backpacks in this list, it certainly offers a lot in the way of value. It’s a high-quality, durable, and easy to clean backpack option that provides plenty of storage and utility.

Buy it: From $23,

3. YISIBO 3D Toddler Dinosaur Backpack

YISIBO 3D toddler dinosaur backpack

This 3D dinosaur toddler backpack from YISIBO is bright, bold, and colorful – we love it! It is also reasonably sizeable and built with comfort in mind, featuring adjustable straps and air max back material.

Like all YISIBO backpacks, this one is made of neoprene. This material makes it extremely durable and waterproof, making it ideal if you and your family enjoy the great outdoors. Both this backpack and its contents will hold up, despite the elements.

Its main compartment comes complete with several internal pockets, making it easier to organize everything your toddler will need to get through the day. Overall, this is a great backpack. That said, being priced at the higher-end of packs on this list, it isn’t the best budget-wise.

Buy it: From $22,

4. YuPing Toddler Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Leash

YuPing toddler dinosaur backback with safety leash

This super-cute toddler backpack from YuPing features a fun, 3D design that includes stegosaurus inspired plates running down its center. It is relatively sizeable, with a generous main compartment big enough to make this pack practical as a school bag, carry-on or diaper bag.

This toddler backpack is made from nylon and canvas, both breathable and lightweight materials, meaning it won’t weigh your toddler down. It also comes complete with a leash, to keep your child safe and close-by at all times. There’s only one real issue is the placement of the safety leash, mounted to the packs bottom, which can make it a little awkward to use.

Otherwise, this pack with 400+ ratings and an average of 4 stars, along with its incredibly low retail price of just $10, makes it an absolute bargain and an excellent option for parents on a budget.

Buy it: From $10,

5. YISIBO 3D Cartoon Toddler Dinosaur Backpack

YISIBO 3D cartoon toddler dinosaur backpack

Another great backpack from YISIBO. This pack features a happy, smiling dinosaur in its design, perfect for any dinosaur-obsessed toddler.

Made from neoprene, a durable and waterproof material, this pack is easy to clean and will stand up to the elements. It keeps its contents safe and dry no matter what the weather throws at it. This pack is one to consider for any parents who are big hikers or campers.

It features dual-adjustable straps and air max back material, providing maximum comfort for your toddler. It also has plenty of storage, with the main compartment large enough to accommodate up to A4-sized books, making it practical for preschool or daycare use.

Buy it: From $20,

6. Wildkin Dinosaur Land Toddler Backpack

Wildkin dinosaur land toddler backpack

This simple, stylish toddler backpack from Wildkin – a reputable brand with a Mom’s choice award – is a 12-inch pack with ample space for school supplies and snacks to get your little one through the day. The design is also adorable, with beautiful, colorful dinosaur illustrations – including triceratops, brachiosaurus, and of course, T-Rex – that your toddler will love.

It features a 2-compartment design, one the main compartment, big enough for daycare or preschool, but not quite big enough for a standard-sized school folder, the other an insulated compartment, designed to hold snacks and drinks safely. Also, this pack features a side mesh pocket perfect for holding a water bottle.

For better safety, this backpack has reflective piping across the front pocket and is generally of high quality. It features heavy-duty buckles, straps, and zippers, making it highly durable and designed to last.
Retailing at a price point just south of $21 and having a 5-star average rating on Amazon from 370+ ratings overall, you can’t go wrong with this dinosaur backpack from Wildkin.

Buy it: From $21,

7. CAMTOP Preschool Dinosaur Backpack

CAMTOP preschool dinosaur backpack

Last on our list – but certainly not least – is this cute, front-chest buckled dinosaur backpack from CAMTOP. It has a colorful design, featuring simple, minimalist dinosaur graphics which are bound to attract compliments from other kids and parents alike.

This backpack is made from a comfortable polyester, making it both lightweight and durable. It also uses heavy-duty, good quality SBS zippers that designed to last. For added comfort, this pack features padded shoulder straps and an air meshed cushion to better support your toddler’s back.

The main compartment is big enough to fit everything your little one needs to get through the day. It also offers better organization, featuring interior pockets and external front pockets. The only real drawback is its price – being the most expensive on this list at $24. That said, it is still pretty reasonable, given its average rating of 4.5 on Amazon.

Buy it: From $24,

Buying guide for toddler dinosaur backpacks


You want to get your toddler a backpack that they’ll love, and toddlers love bags that feature characters and colorful designs. There are plenty of great options that meet these criteria. Our list of best toddler dinosaur backpacks includes many of these, so go cute, colorful, and above all, fun with your selection.

Durability and material

Your toddler will likely take their new backpack to hell and back. It’s essential to choose one that’s durable and made from high-quality materials so that it survives the daily beating no doubt endure. The telltale signs of a quality pack are ultra-strong, lightweight materials like nylon and YKK-grade zippers.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Although your toddler won’t be carrying much weight, comfort is still paramount, making padded shoulder straps a must. It’s also crucial that these shoulder straps are adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth.


The weather can be unpredictable. When given a choice, it’s always better to go with a waterproof backpack. You don’t want to be dealing with soaked clothes or a soggy book if you don’t have to.

Size, capacity, and weight

Your child won’t need to carry much before their first of school, so choose a backpack that reflects this. They won’t need endless compartments and pockets, or the main compartment big enough for the kitchen sink. It’s also worth noting that the recommended maximum a toddler should carry is at most 10% of their body weight. So pack small, pack light and buy a toddler backpack with a capacity that reflects this.

Ease of use

Most little kids struggle with zips and are easily frustrated. It’s best to make things easy for your toddler, so opt for a backpack with a main compartment that features velcro straps instead of a zip. 

Side bottle holder

We all know how energetic toddlers are – running, jumping, and playing – all this activity makes them thirsty. Make sure to select a pack that features side pocket to store their juice or water bottle, so that it’s always on hand for when they need it. 


Toddlers have a knack of attracting spills and stains; there is simply no denying this. To make life easy on yourself, make sure that you select a machine-washable backpack, or at the very least, easy to wipe down.


Good toddler dinosaur backpacks don’t have to cost the earth, nor should it. There are plenty of low-cost, high-quality packs on the market. There’s no need to pay over the odds with the wide range of excellent, inexpensive options available.

Final thoughts

Toddler dinosaur backpacks are a great example of where fun meets function. Packs can be helpful to your child’s development. Giving them the ability to take responsibility of their possessions can help foster a strong sense of independence early on.

Picking out the right backpack can be a challenge. Not because of the lack of choice or options, quite the opposite. There are so high-quality packs to choose from, making the real challenge choosing one from the sheer number of choices.

So go nuts! Grab your toddler a fun, colorful pack that they’ll love and will impress all their little friends.

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