Imaginext dinosaur toys: The 7 best of 2020

Best imaginext dinosaur toys

If your child loves dinosaurs, there may be a special place in his or her heart for the Imaginext dinosaurs toys.  These toys provide a child with the ability to use their imagination just as their name implies!

These dinosaur toys are unlike any others on the market today.  They make the perfect gift for a child who fancies dinosaurs. 

If you know a child that has a thing for these prehistoric creatures, you need to introduce them to the Imaginext dinosaur toys. You will both be glad that you did.

Best imaginext dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex Dinosaur

Buy it: From $100,

2. Fisher-Price Imaginext Dino Fortress

Fisher-Price Imaginext Dino Fortress

Buy it: From $140,

3. Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus

Buy it: From $119,

4. Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Walking Indoraptor

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Walking Indoraptor

Buy it: From $54,

5. Fisher-Price Imaginext Motorized Spinosaurus

Fisher-Price Imaginext Motorized Spinosaurus

Buy it: From $80,

6. Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino

Buy it: From $59,

7. Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Research Lab

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Research Lab

Buy it: From $29,

Buying guide for imaginext dinosaur toys

Imaginext dinosaur toys are adventure toys for children that like to use their imaginations.

These toys allow a child to create masterpieces while role-playing. 

Imaginext dinosaur toys were designed to bring stories to life.  A child can use the Imaginext dinosaur sets with any other Imaginext set to create a storyline that is truly as unique as your child itself.

Wide Age Range

Fisher-Price are perhaps best known for their early development toys, with the brand offering a wide range of iconic toys for younger children, including baby dinosaur toys.

Fisher-Price designed Imaginext toys for a wider age range.  They recommend that children 3 years old and older play with them due to small parts.  The recommended age is 3 to 8, which means your child will get at least 5 years’ use out of one toy.

Fisher-Price takes great pride in developing toys that are age-appropriate.

Imagination and Creativity

Children learn through play.  When a child uses their imagination, they are learning a lot of skills they will need later in life.  These skills include:

  • Fine motor skills which will help a person complete many tasks from buttoning a coat to brushing their teeth
  • Self-awareness which will allow us to learn that our feelings and beliefs do matter.
  • Freedom from caring about what other individuals think about us.
  • Building confidence in our thoughts and ideas.
  • Problem-solving skills will come handy later in life.
  • Communication skills and helping a child build a larger vocabulary.
  • Empathy towards others.
  • Creates a person who is open-minded.
  • Helps a person develop analyzing skills.
  • Imagination and creativity can promote organization skills.

Children can easily pair up their Imaginext dinosaur toys with DC comic toys from Fisher-Price or use Spongebob ones.  There is something for everyone. 


The great thing about Imaginext dinosaur toys is that they come in a variety of sizes.  The Ultra T-Rex stands 2.5 feet tall while other sets contain smaller dinosaurs.


Many of the Imaginext dinosaur toys have features that children can not get enough of.  The Jurassic Rex from Jurassic World chomps when a trigger is pressed and will also lunge forward!  The Mega Mouth T-Rex swallows his prey whole and chomps too.  The Thrashing Indominus Rex has moveable arms and a jaw for realistic play. 

Many of these sets come with extras for enhanced play.  They may contain smaller dinosaurs, warrior figures, boulders, or other projectiles.  Children will have a blast coming up with storylines for their creative play.  They will easily be able to spend hours at a time playing with their Imaginext dinosaur toys.

Parents and caregivers love imaginext

Parents and caregivers across the globe are happy with Imaginext toys. These toys are popular because they have popular characters that kids love.  Parents feel good about providing their child with Batman or Penguin toys, dinosaurs, or Marvel comic characters because they know how much their children love them.

Parents and caregivers love how these sets offer child-sized toys that are easy for a little one to handle and play with.  They also adore how each set is compatible with the next one.  Why not have Batman fighting off a T-rex or Joker taking on Mega Shark?  Nothing is stopping your child from creating stores that are unique.

Another thing that parents and caregivers love is that these toys are ready to play with right out of the box.  Children will not have to wait for something to be put together.  They will be eager to start playing with all the wonderful toys that Fisher-Price has to offer.

Either Gender

The great thing about Fisher-Price’s Imaginext dinosaur toys is that either a boy or girl can play with them.  Girls may like pairing them up with princess items, while boys may fancy pirates and dinosaurs.  This allows the child to be even more creative.

Trusted Company

Imaginext dinosaur toys come from Fisher-Price, a trusted company. They have been building toys for years, and perhaps parents will remember playing with their favorite Fisher-Price toy. This makes products from Imaginext some of the best dinosaur toys around.

Fisher-Price toys are built to last.  Once your child has outgrown them, you can save them for your grandchildren.  Or you can sell them to the little boy down the street for a decent price as they will hold up through years of play.

Fisher-Price offers a lot of learning tools on its website as well.  You can find coloring sheets that go with the dinosaur Imaginext toys or apps that may be useful for you and your child. 

Final thoughts

Imaginext dinosaur toys let a kid be a kid.  They are immensely fun to play with and provide a creative outlet for any child.

As they are made by a trusted company, these toys will hold up through the years.  A child can easily get several years of play out of them, making them well worth their price tag.

With many skills that can be developed by playing with Imaginext dinosaur toys, it makes sense for a child to have them in their toy room.

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