Allosaurus (Pronounced: Al-owe-sore-uss)

Allosaurus means “different reptile” – a name this dinosaur got thanks to the bones in its spine, which are very different from any other dinosaur discovered so far. They lived during the Late Jurassic Period, around 140 million years ago.

This dinosaur – often referred to as the grandfather of Tyrannosaurus Rex – had short arms with long, sharp claws that it used to dig into, hold onto and tear into the flesh of its victims. Allosaurus also had powerful jaws with 4-inch razor-sharp teeth, making it one of the most fearsome predators of the Jurassic period.

Skeletons of large herbivores, or plant-eating dinosaurs, have been found close to Allosaurus remains – many of which have been found ripped apart or shattered by this powerful member of the theropod family.

If that wasn’t scary enough, Allosaurus fossils discovered in Utah suggest that they may have hunted in packs. Even heavily armored dinosaurs – such as Stegosaurus – would have stood little to no chance against a pack of hungry Allosaurus.

Allosaurus facts

How long was Allosaurus?
39 ft (12 m)

How heavy was Allosaurus?
4000 lbs (2000 kg)

What family of dinosaur does Allosaurus belong to?

What did Allosaurus eat?
Large Animals

How long ago did Allosaurus live?
140 million years ago

In what period did Allosaurus live?
Late Jurassic

Where did Allosaurus live?
Africa, Australia, Europe, North America

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