Dinosaur taco holders: The 5 best of 2020

Best dinosaur taco holders

Tired of messy tacos nights and looking to make mealtime more fun for you and your family? Then picking up a set of dinosaur taco holders is a worthwhile investment worth considering.

Tacos are great; we all love them. They’re easy to prepare, incredibly versatile, and a tasty, healthy meal or snack, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re eating alone, with your family, or playing host to a gathering of friends, they’re a great, no-hassle option – that is, apart from the mess.

One way to effectively tackle the issue of mess is with a taco holder. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and come in various fun styles and themes, including dinosaurs and other animals. Designed to keep shells upright, a taco holder can prevent the inevitable spill of someone unable to properly hold a taco.

To learn more about taco holders, what to consider before buying one, and our picks for the best dinosaur taco holders, keep reading our buyers guide.

Best dinosaur taco holders: our picks

1. Funwares Dinosaur Taco Holders
1. Funwares Dinosaur Taco Holders
2. TacoDinos Taco Holders – Pack of 3
2. TacoDinos Taco Holders – Pack of 3
3. DinoHome Long Neck Dinosaur Taco Holder
3. DinoHome Long Neck Dinosaur Taco Holder
4. Dinosaur Taco Holder Set of 4 Family Pack
4. Dinosaur Taco Holder Set of 4 Family Pack
5. Kenley Dinosaur Head Taco Holder for Kids
5. Kenley Dinosaur Head Taco Holder for Kids

1. Funwares Dinosaur Taco Holders

Funwares dinosaur taco holders

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

2. TacoDinos Taco Holders – Pack of 3

TacoDinos taco holders – pack of 3

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

3. DinoHome Long Neck Dinosaur Taco Holder

DinoHome long neck dinosaur taco holder

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

4. Dinosaur Taco Holder Set of 4 Family Pack

Dinosaur taco holder set of 4 family pack

Buy it: From $35, Amazon.com

5. Kenley Dinosaur Head Taco Holder for Kids

Kenley dinosaur head taco holder for kids

Buy it: From $10, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur taco holders

Set size

The first thing to consider is what you’ll be using your taco holder for, whether an intimate dinner for two, mass gatherings of family and friends, or only dinner for one.

If you’re a couple or live alone, then a two-piece taco holder set will be plenty. But if you’re a family, or find yourself always playing host, then you’ll want to pick up a bigger four or six-piece set at least, if not more.

Taco capacity

Nobody eats just one taco. Most people eat 2-3 tacos at a time, making it key to get taco holders to hold enough tacos for you and your guests.

When it comes to capacity, you’ll find that most taco holders are designed to hold two or three tacos at a time. However, it’s also possible to find those with a reversible style, offering more versatility. They have the capacity for either 2 or 3 tacos, depending on need and preference.

You can, of course, buy taco holders designed for a single taco. However, in our opinion, it’s best to go for one of the larger capacity options to save you and your guests from running back and forth to the kitchen while they eat.


The most common materials that taco holders are made from are stainless steel and plastic. When we talk specifically about dinosaur taco holders, plastic is the more widely used of the two materials.

Plastic taco holders can be more aesthetically pleasing, coming in all sorts of themes and designs, so plastic is the material of choice for dinosaur taco holders. They’re also microwave and dishwasher-safe, making them both re-heatable and easy care.

The main drawback of plastic is quality, which can vary significantly between different brands and manufacturers. This makes reading online customer reviews pretty important when choosing plastic taco holders, giving you a better idea of how flimsy or likely to break a particular set.

Stainless steel holders are far better at retaining heat, meaning that your tacos will stay warmer for longer than plastic holders. However, as we’ve mentioned above, you aren’t going to find many options when looking specifically for dinosaur-themed taco holders made from this material.

Bear in mind that metal holders aren’t microwave-safe, so if you intend to reheat your tacos in the microwave, go for plastic.


If you plan on making your tacos ahead of time or make a whole bunch to reheat and eat later, it’s essential to check that the taco holders you choose are microwave safe.

As we’ve mentioned above, taco holders made from metal obviously won’t be microwavable. However, when looking specifically at dinosaur-shaped taco holders, they’re typically only available in plastic or rubber, perfect for use in the microwave.


Safety is always important, especially when intending to use your new taco holders during family meals with your kids.

When it comes to safety, the primary concern is with plastic holders, as you must make sure that your taco holders are BPA-free. If possible, try to opt for those that have been certified as safe and free from harmful chemicals. 

Final thoughts

Everyone loves tacos! Unfortunately, they fall over, spilling their contents all over the place, even in the hands of the most skilled taco enthusiast.

There’s not much more frustrating than having a taco loaded up with all your favorite toppings spilling all over you and your clothing when you take a bite. And although not quite as bad, the turning of a crisp, delicious warm taco into soggy mush after it’s been set down on a plate.

Dinosaur taco holders are the perfect solution to combat these problems when enjoying tacos. They’re inexpensive, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, and just like dinosaur sandwich cutters, can add an element of fun to mealtime. Whether you’re looking to avoid the mess, or just want to appreciate every taco at its very best, then a taco holder is a wise investment.

If you regularly enjoy tacos, then a holder is a no-brainer. They’re easy to wash, microwaveable, and add an element of fun to your taco nights, all for less than $20. You really can’t go wrong investing in a taco holder.

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