Dinosaur sandwich cutters: The 2 best of 2020

Best dinosaur sandwich cutters

Sandwiches make for a great lunch. They’re simple, easy to make, and pretty much anything can be put between two slices of bread, making them an incredibly versatile mean or snack. However, sandwiches can quickly become boring to kids, which is where a dinosaur sandwich cutter can come in handy. This will give you a simple way to make lunchtime more fun and exciting for your little one.  

While sandwich cutters are fun, they’re also practical. It’s no secret that plenty of kids don’t like crusts on their sandwiches, and your child likely is the same. Using a cutter will be a significant time-saver, helping you to remove crusts in a single press.

This article looks at several considerations when selecting the right sandwich cutter for you and your family and giving our picks for the best dinosaur sandwich cutters.

Best dinosaur sandwich cutters: our picks

1. Bright Concepts T-Rex Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter
1. Bright Concepts T-Rex Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter
2. EvriHolder DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter
2. EvriHolder DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter

1. Bright Concepts T-Rex Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

Bright Concepts T-Rex Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

Buy it: From $4 Amazon.com

2. EvriHolder DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter

EvriHolder DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter

Buy it: From $7 Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur sandwich cutters


The main difference between a dinosaur cookie cutter and a sandwich cutter is its size. Sandwich cutters are designed to be the right size for a typical slice of bread. In contrast, cookie cutters can come in various sizes, although these sizes are most often smaller.

While you can use cookie cutters on your sandwiches, it’s far more efficient to use a sandwich cutter because of its size. This makes things much more efficient, as you’ll be able to perfectly slice your child’s sandwiches with a single press of the cutter.

The only consideration in terms of size is a sandwich cutter’s height. Bread can come in all sorts of thickness, making it key to get a sandwich cutter to accommodate whether your preference is thin, medium, or thick-sliced loaves.


While there are many different materials for cookie cutters, sandwich cutters tend to be made from plastic.

With plastic, the usual considerations apply, such as safety. As you would with any other plastic item bought for your child, check that a cutter is free from potentially hazardous chemicals. Always choose sandwich cutters that are BPA-free.

The one significant drawback of plastic cutters over the metal ones you may be used to when making cookies is that they aren’t nearly as sharp. This can be a problem when preparing thicker, fully-loaded sandwiches. It will require both more force and a little practice to become a sandwich cutter pro. 


When it comes to cleaning, there are two considerations – ease of cleaning and dishwasher-safe.

With cutters, it’s best to opt for simple designs, as these will be far easier to clear than any that are more elaborate ones. This is because there won’t be any difficult to reach nooks or crannies, making cleaning more difficult.

If you use a dishwasher at home, just be sure to check that the sandwich cutter you buy is dishwasher-safe. Most are, but it’s always best to check just in case.


Kids are easily bored. This is no different when it comes to their lunch, making it worth considering buying a few other sandwich cutter designs to mix things up.

There are many different cutters on the market – not just dinosaur sandwich cutters – which gives you a wide variety of styles and themes to choose from.

You could always opt for a sandwich cutter set. These will include a range of cutters, such as different animals, shapes, and other simple designs that will keep lunchtime fun for months to come.  

Final thoughts

Sandwich cutters are great. They’ll save you time when preparing sandwiches, removing crusts in an instant, and just like dinosaur taco holders, can help make mealtime more fun, making your little one’s lunch the envy of all the other kids in the lunchroom.

They’re an inexpensive bit of kid, with a good sandwich cutter costing no more than $10, and come in all sorts of styles and themes. This can make buying a sandwich cutter kit a better option, as this will add variation to your child’s sandwiches for many months to come.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy, cheap way of making lunchtime more fun for your child, then a sandwich cutter is a great option.

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