Dinosaur play doh sets: The 2 best of 2020

Best dinosaur play doh sets

Play doh sets have always had great popularity with kids. The fact that they can squeeze, twist, mold and cut this colorful dough as they wish appeals a lot to kids, and even adults enjoy it right?! Play-doh is a popular brand that offers a wide range of playsets based on various themes.

Dinosaurs are a popular theme, and so you will be able to find several dinosaur play-doh sets to choose from. If you are planning to buy such a set for your kid you will find the following buying guide and top picks helpful.

Best dinosaur play doh sets: Our picks

1. Play-Doh Rex the Chomper
1. Play-Doh Rex the Chomper
2. Play-Doh Dino Tools
2. Play-Doh Dino Tools

1. Play-Doh Rex the Chomper

Play-Doh Rex the Chomper

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

2. Play-Doh Dino Tools

Play Doh Dino Tools

Buy it: From $10, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur play-doh sets


Play-doh greatly encourages creativity. Kids have a blast cutting the dough and shaping it as they like so as to create whatever comes to mind. Play-doh sets help kids to put their artistic and imagination skills to good use while have a lot of fun.

Motor skills

For younger kids, play-doh sets are great as they help them refine their motor skills. Grabbing the dough, pulling it, and shaping it enables them to make various kinds of movements with their fingers, and this is great for their development in motor skills.


These playsets are thought out to make kids have fun in a variety of ways. Thanks to rolling pins which are textured kids will be able to give different patterns to the dough.

Moreover these sets will include various cutters which will allow kids to cut the dough out in a variety of shapes. While you are checking out different dinosaur play-doh sets, make sure to carefully consider the accessories included so as to choose a set that will appeal most to your child.

Dinosaur play-doh sets include tools shaped in the form of different dinos, as well as footprints, spikes, rock patterns, and much more! The more accessories there are, the more enticing it can be. And if your child is older than 6 you will want to provide him or her with as many cutters and accessories as possible so as to make playtime with play-doh even more engaging.

Easy to use

Play-doh is made to be really flexible and easy to mold. This is something kids absolutely love.

For kids who do not like blocks or puzzles to set their imagination to use, play-doh sets are simply ideal. There is no need to tug away or pull pieces, and they can be as messy as can be with play-doh. Since it is also so user friendly, kids will not need to have an adult assist them either, and that is another plus.


Play-doh is safe to use and non-toxic. The tools and accessories in these sets are also very safe.

Obviously you should always check the recommended age on the package, but all in all there is no need to worry about the safety of these playsets. Having said that, even though it is not toxic, it is important to keep an eye on your child so as to avoid having him put it in his mouth and swallowing it.


Colors have a lasting impact on your child. The more colorful the dough is the better. So you may wish to choose playsets that offer the child the opportunity to choose different colored dough.

You may wish to buy other colors separately so as to give your child a broader range to experiment with too.

Realistic creations

While your child is creating his favorite dinos and other creations with play-doh, he may not be able to come up with very realistic creations at first. So you may wish to choose a set that can help him along with this, by means of accessories and tools that will make it easier for him.

Some guidance from you at first is highly recommended, as this will give him more confidence on how to go about it. This aspect is sometimes neglected by parents because play-doh is easy to use, but in reality there are kids who feel uneasy and saddened if they do not create realistic creations. So you will need to take this factor into account in case your child feels that way, and choose a playset that can be ideal for him.


Some sets are better than others as they offer storage possibilities. You won’t have to worry about finding a container where to store all the items if such a storage box comes along with the set.

Final thoughts

Play-doh sets offer a myriad of benefits and are a must have for kids. As a parent you should take the above tips into consideration so as to choose the best play-doh playset for your kid, depending on his age and preferences.

If your little one is fond of dinos, then a play-doh dino set is a must-have. Develop your child’s imaginative and motor skills, and allow him to mess around as much as he likes.

And you do not even have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up afterwards as it is so easy to clean! So it is a great buying choice for both you and your kid!

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